Garlic is a plant in the Allium (onion) family.

It is closely related to onions, shallots and leeks. A clove is each segment of a garlic bulb . There are about 10–20 cloves in a single bulb, give or take.

Mostly, grows in many parts of the world and is a popular ingredient in cooking due to its strong smell and delicious taste.

However, throughout ancient history, the main use of garlic was for its health and medicinal properties.

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many major civilizations documented its uses, including the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese.

The most famous of these is the allicin. However, allicin is an unstable compound that is only briefly present in fresh garlic after it’s been cut or crushed.

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It is a Blood Purifier

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Tired of covering up those zits with concealer every morning? It’s time to tackle the root cause of acne by purifying your blood from inside to get healthy skin on the outside.

Take two cloves of raw garlic with some warm water every day, early in the morning and consume a lot of water the entire day.

If you’re looking to shed some pounds, squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and have it with 2 cloves of garlic in the mornings. This will help to cleanse your system and flush out toxins.

They Contain Antioxidants

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Antioxidants help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

It contains antioxidants that support the body’s protective mechanisms against oxidative damage.

High doses of garlic supplements have been shown to increase antioxidant enzymes in humans, as well as significantly reduce oxidative stress in those with high blood pressure.

The combined effects on reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as the antioxidant properties, may reduce the risk of common brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

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It Prevents Cancer

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Several studies have indicated an association between daily consumption of its food can prevent stomach and colorectal cancers. It is said to strengthen the immunity of the body against cancer.

For Skin and Hair

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The invigorating properties of garlic protect the skin from the effect of free radicals and slow down the depletion of collagen which leads to loss of elasticity in aging skin.

Applied topically, garlic does wonders to skin infected with fungal infections and provides relief from skin ailments like eczema. It is also an effective remedy for fungal infections like athlete’s foot and ringworms.

All of us know about the wonders of onion for hair but its brother. Yet garlic is no less of a hero for your thinning mane. Well, its a surprise time. Rubbing crushed garlic extract on your scalp or massaging with garlic-infused oil is known to prevent and even reverse hair loss.

Eating Garlic May Help Detoxify Heavy Metals in the Body

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At high doses, the sulfur compounds in garlic have been shown to protect against organ damage from heavy metal toxicity.

A four-week study of a car battery plant found that it reduces lead levels in the blood by 19%. It also reduced many clinical signs of toxicity, including headaches and blood pressure.
Three doses of garlic each day even outperformed the drug D-penicillamine in reducing symptoms.

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Garlic May Help You Live Longer


The potential effects of garlic on longevity are basically impossible to prove in humans.

But given the beneficial effects on important risk factors like blood pressure, it makes sense that garlic could help you live longer.

The fact that it can fight infectious disease is also an important factor. These are common causes of death, especially in the elderly or people with dysfunctional immune systems.