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There are foods that increase your penis size naturally, These foods are what you can get around you.

Easy to get yet very active.



Regular consumption of watermelon can easily help to gain extra inches.

It contains a higher amount of citrulline amino acid that helps in boosting the penis size.

However, this fruit gets converted to a penis friendly L-arginine amino acids which stimulate nitric oxide that increases the blood flow to the penis.


Onion is a rich food that enhances blood flow circulation from the body to the heart.

Also, Onion is a great food that can help increase your penis size by allowing blood flow to the penis.


Banana contains a positive amount of potassium which is needed for your cardiovascular health.

It is very rich in blood circulation and also helps in reducing the level of sodium in the body, which is toxic to the body.

This food is very good at enhancing and building your penis size and its erection.


Spinach is a  green food that is rich in magnesium.
Also,  It increases the blood flow into the penis and thereby decreasing inflammations in the blood vessels.
Spinach is also rich in Folate which helps to reduce age-related sexual problems.



Cherries are natural foods that help in cleansing the arteries and makes blood flow freely.
It is necessary for your meal because it contains Anthocyanins. which is very essential for the body.


Carrots are food that contains carotenoids, which is very essential in supplying Vitamin A to the body.
Also, carrots are the most trusted natural food that is very rich in increasing sperm quality and motility- a term used to describe the ability of sperm to swim towards an egg.
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Potatoes is another great source of potassium.
Despite the variety of this natural food, it performs the same function of boosting blood circulation which enhances your bedroom pleasure.


Salmon contributes a greater percentage in boosting your penis erection.

It is also another source of generating healthier blood flow.

Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce is one spicy food that increases your testosterone level.
You can as well increase the health of your penis by checking out the hot sauce.
Men tend to have a higher taste for spicy foods which can help increase their testosterone level

Green Tea

Green tea is a natural tea that helps eradicate belly fats.
Also, it increases the size of your blood vessels, thereby enhancing increased blood flow.
Green tea also triggers the liver’s capacity or turning fat into energy.
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