Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed orders military response to ‘attack’

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister,

Abiy Ahmed has ordered a military offensive

to subdue the authorities in Tigray state,

following an alleged attack on an army base.

Abiy Ahmed

Mr Abiy accused the region’s ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), of launching the attack.

The attack resulted in “many martyrs, injuries and property damage”, he said in a TV address.

The cabinet has declared a state of emergency in the region for six months.

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“This situation has reached a level where it cannot be prevented

and controlled through the regular law enforcement mechanisms,”

a statement from the prime minister’s office said.


The national authorities have also shut down electricity,

telephone and internet services in Tigray.

authorities have also shut down electricity, telephone and internet services


Tensions between the government and TPLF,

which used to be part of the governing coalition before falling out with Mr Abiy,

have escalated in recent months,

with both sides accusing the other of plotting to use military force.

On Tuesday,

the federal parliament proposed that the TPLF be designated as a

“terrorist organisation.”

What did Mr. Abiy say?

Mr Abiy said that attackers

“tried to loot”

military assets during Wednesday morning’s attack,

adding that “the last red line had been crossed”

forcing the federal government into a military confrontation.

Addressing the nation on TV,

Abiy announced “several martyrs” in the attack in Mekele,

the northern Tigray region’s capital,

and Dansha town.


The prime minister said “the end is near” for the regional force

Ethiopia Military

which is based in Ethiopia’s most sensitive region,

neighboring Eritrea.

The two countries made peace in 2018 after a long border war.

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