EndSARS: “Please On No Account Should This Be Made Tribal”

“Please On No Account Should This Be Made Tribal” , saysBurna Boy.

Burna Boy leads London protests

Afro-fusion star Burna Boy on 21 October led a demonstration

which was At the Nigeria High Commission in London against police brutality in his home country.

The protest was held as part of the #EndSARS campaign,

which initially targeted the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS),

commonly known as SARS.

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Addressing the rally,

Burna Boy said the protests had been largely peaceful, a statement that raises questions about the harsh crackdown on protesters.

“We are the new generation, relentless and tireless.

If this change must come, we must be ready not to lose focus and go the long haul,” he said.

“As Nigerians who have decided that enough is enough to bad government

, police impunity and general uselessness,

we protested against this escalating violence from SARS, primarily peacefully.

Protests were peaceful for almost two weeks.

With no political backing, no ulterior motives, no clear leader, the youth of my country came together in different states of Nigeria to protest peacefully,

investing their skills, time and money and bracing all odds just to say that we’ve had enough.”

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,Burna Boy added that “#EndSARS is no longer enough,”

before leading the demonstrators on a chant of “no justice, no peace.” 

Burna Boy Reacts To Buhari’s Speech.

However, The popular Nigerian singer has sent out a lot of messages on Twitter in reaction to President Buhari’s speech yesterday.

In one of such posts,

the singer made it clear that the ongoing #EndSARS protest should under no circumstance be made tribal.

Burna boy


He wrote,

“Please on NO account should this become a Tribal thing.

I cannot even believe that can still be in people’s minds in 2020. FIX NIGERIA DONT BREAK IT INTO TRIBES.”

See the post below;

In conclusion,

the singer has shown support on the#Endsars protest across the country.

Above all, the ongoing protest will serve as a plea for reformation

In addition, restructuring

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