Elton John is in awe of how outgoing his two sons are and their ability to flirt with girls in particular.

The Rocket Man singer, 72, and his husband David Furnish decided to start a family almost a decade ago, adopting two boys, Zachary, now eight, and Elijah, six.

Last year (18), Elton announced his decision to retire from live performing to spend more time with his sons, and in a new interview, he shared his amazement about how quickly they are growing up.

“It’s fantastic being a dad,” he tells British newspaper The Sun. “Ten years ago if you’d have told me that, I’d have said you’re crazy. My boys are so boyish. They are real boys. They’re flirts – girl mad.”

Explaining how they are already a hit with their classmates, he adds: “They said, ‘there was a new girl in class today and she really fancies me’ and I said, ‘that’s great!’ They’re real boys and they’re just very athletic, normal kids.”

Elton is delighted he started a family with David late in life but says there has been one drawback.

“I mean, we’re too old to have any more,” he explains. “If we were 20 years, 15 years younger, we’d have probably had another one at least. But with the boys we’ve got enough on our hands.”

The rock legend is currently in the middle of his farewell tour, a trek which will end next year.

Although it will mean the end of almost six decades of live gigs, Elton has no regrets.

“Life’s full of surprises and you have to follow those surprises,” he muses. “That’s why I decided to come off the road two years ago. We talked about this and I said, ‘I don’t want to miss my kids growing up’.”