Drew Gulak dressed as a janitor to win the 24/7 Title from R-truth.

R-Truth was in the middle of a mock WWE Draft when Drew Gulak, taking a page out of Randy Orton’s book by dressing as a janitor, ambushed him.

Truth tried to escape, but he tripped over a bucket, allowing Gulak to pin him and become Champion.

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R-Truth regained the 24/7 Championship inside a dumpster.

Drew Gulak managed to last an hour as 24/7 Champion.

But while he vowed to always be alert, R-Truth popped out of a nearby dumpster, ready to reclaim his baby.

Gulak also had to contend with Akira Tozawa, who was hiding in a trash can himself.

The struggle spilled into the dumpster, and Truth emerged from the trash heap a 42-time 24/7 Champion.

R-Truth is once again your WWE 24/7 Champion.

Tonight’s RAW episode saw Truth drop the title to Drew Gulak during a backstage segment. This was Gulak’s third 24/7 Title reign, ending Truth’s reign that began at last week’s RAW.

Late on in tonight’s show, Truth regained the title in a backstage segment that also featured Akira Tozawa.

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