Debt: Some people are currently neck-deep into it. And they wonder if they will ever come out of it. Whatever has a beginning must have an ending.

Sometimes we get devastated and confused and sometimes defeated on how to start tackling it.

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But if eventually, you find yourself in the mess, don’t be discouraged.

There’s a clear way out. Follow up these steps carefully:

Find yourself something doing.


Everybody must not be a medical doctor or a lawyer. Engage in a genuine hustle, no matter how demeaning and undignified you may view it to be. It is better than doing nothing or begging, bringing more disrepute to yourself from your creditors.

Draw a simple settlement plan for your Debt.

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Remove 10% for tithe, 10% for your savings, 60% for your household upkeep (rent, feeding, miscellaneous), and 20% for the settlement of debt.

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Approach your creditors.


Meet with your creditors. Let them know how small your income is. Explain and come to an agreement on how you intend to offset the debt.

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To avoid Debt, stick to the agreement.


Strictly maintain the arrangement. Let your creditors see a different you. They man see you as a changed man and will end up trusting you again. Some may even decide to further do more business with you. Regain your lost respect and dignity.