presents to you Date ideas for couple in quarantine.

It is difficult to keep love alive during this period. Hence there are several dating ideas for partners during this pandemic to keep their love alive.

Apart from involving in endless Nexflix nights, there are plenty of ways couple can have an affectionate pandemic moment together.


Date ideas for couple in quarantine

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Use House-party app.

House-party application is a dual app that can be used for both video-chat and different games alternatives.

It’s an incredible dating option for partners to have fun during this pandemic.

You can do this over and over again with your partner all day long………………………………………….

Cook the same thing, apart.

Partners who are not together can decide to have a go at cooking something very similar together and afterwards eating it together as well.

He/she can send a list of items needed for the meal preparation ahead of time with the goal that he/she could purchase the right ingredients and begin the preparation afterwards.

Partners can decide to use a video chat platform while the cooking is ongoing to make it more interesting.

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Join an online exercise class together.

It can be fun to join the world in exercise classes with your partner.

There are online platforms that can help you join simple workouts with your partner that suit your desire.

In cases where you are not in the mood to workout, it absolutely okay.

However,  it is necessary because it helps loosen fat and also encourages positive health benefits.

Try a fashion show with your partner.

You can attempt putting up fashion show in your own bedroom and video chat your partner.

Dress up and look nice and video chat your partner in the fashion show.

You can share most of your fashion pictures on social media handle with friends and families.

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Get Crafty.

You can learn crafts with your partners, weaving, papercraft, bead making, tie and dye, crocheting e.t.c.

You can share ideas among yourselves on how to begin the craftwork.

To make it more fun you can customise it with your partners’ name and his/her favourite colour.

 Style your hair together.

You can decide on giving your partner your favourite type of hairstyle.

Get guides online if your partner doesn’t have any idea on how to begin.

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