The benefits of dancing are far more than we can see with our eyes. The sport is not only good for the body, but also for the soul. Dance helps fight obesity and high cholesterol.

Couples can rediscover the joy of being together through a shared passion like a dance.

Inner balance

Dancing increases the heart rate and improves circulation, which helps us to reach a physical balance.

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Weight loss

In some kinds of dance classes, like aerobics, you can burn up to 700kcal/hour and get a toned, fit body.

Reduces anxiety

Exercise can decrease the stress level and create muscle relaxation. Dance also stimulates concentration, eases the mind, and reduces anxiety.


Some forms of dance increase the heart rate, stimulate blood circulation and improve the performance of the respiratory system.

Fights depression

Dance positively influences your emotional state and helps you release feelings, especially the negative ones it also fights depression.

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Dancing can increase self-confidence and reduce self-consciousness. The exercise can create positive changes in your body and the activity allows for total freedom of movement.

For everyone

People of all ages and physical abilities can dance, as long as they choose the right style and level.


Any type of body movement will stimulate the central nervous system. Music stimulates the brain’s reward centres, and dancing activates its sensory and motor circuits.

Furthermore, the more you dance, the more you will benefit from memory improvement and strengthening neural connections.

Individual growth

Dance can help a child’s development by allowing a physical and emotional release.

Prevents illnesses


Dancing helps with joint pain, preventing osteoporosis, and handling mental illnesses.



Dance allows us to overcome fears and build a sense of self-worth and Self-esteem.


Memorizing choreography stimulates memory functions. The exercise also improves blood flow to the brain.

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Some regions of the brain are only stimulated by the execution of certain moves. When dancing, you must be dedicated to getting the right steps, as it will force the brain to expand its abilities.



Dancing can support good posture. This provides the dancer with some security and helps prevent spine problems.

Moreover, Posture Dancing can support good posture. This provides the dancer with some security and helps prevent spine problems.

Emotional release


Dancing classes show children that they can have fun with body movement and expression. The little ones are encouraged to express their feelings with a group and learn how to work together.

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