The issue of Crypto currency ban in Nigeria has been trending for the past 24hours.

The CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA , through its director of banking Supervision BELLO HASSAN.

Gave the directive to all the banks in NIGERIA to close all crypto currency accounts immediately.


The instruction was given to all Nigerian banks to close all cryptocurrency accounts within their systems.

This is to ensure that such accounts are closed with immediate effect.

There has been massive outcry by Nigerians in all social media platforms who are against it.

They expressed sadness over the ban and called out the government for being insensitive to their plight.

With the new directive by the CBN, on the ban on Cryptocurrency in Nigeria. present to you countries that have favorable laws for investors in


[1] JAPAN; The founder of Crypto currency is a Japanese known as SATOSHI NAKAMOTO.

Japan is the host of crypto currency users from across the world.

Japan is also home to some of the biggest crypto currency agencies in the world.

[2]NERTHERLAND; This country has become one of hottest spots for crypto currencies.

They promote the sale of Bit coins in retail stores.

[3] GERMANY;This country even accepts Bit coins as their legal tender.

[4]UNITED KINGDOM; This country is home to dealers of crypto currencies.

They have policies that are favorable to startups and dealers alike.

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