The facility along the airport road was looted after residents learnt it was holding palliatives for coronavirus pandemic.

The residents forced the gates open when they invaded the storage facility in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the security officials manning the place watched helplessly.

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They succeeded in emptying the food items at the warehouse but began to run to safety. This happened after the arrival of more security personnel deployed at the scene.

A video of the scene is seen below, as the Covid-19 Palliative were invaded:

In its reaction, the state government described the action of the residents as unfortunate and condemnable.

The Commissioner for Communications in Kwara, Harriet Afolabi-Oshatimehin. In a statement said that the palliatives were for the poor.

So, She insisted that the action of the residents does not reflect the good nature of the people of the state.

With at least six people killed on Friday evening after Nigerian security forces opened fire at a warehouse. A warehouse holding relief materials for the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19 Palliative Recovered in Ilorin

Two witnesses said the violence along the airport road has gripped the Kwara capital. Witnesses said soldiers and police officers were amongst the security agents that opened live rounds at the warehouse. Shortly, after the state authorities called them.

Moreover, a spokesman for the police in Kwara did not immediately return a message seeking comments.

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It came after COVID-19 warehouses detected in Lagos and other parts of the country. Prompting citizens to besiege and loot them.

The Covid-19 Palliative were for the pandemic. However, some government officials have kept them in secret facilities in an apparent scheme to resell for personal financial gains.