Moving can be stressful at the best of times. Packing takes longer than expected, movers don’t show up on time, and stuff doesn’t fit through doors. Discover the most common mistakes to avoid when transitioning to a new place, so your next move will be easy.

Mistake 1: Waiting too long to pack

Many of us are procrastinators, but waiting until the last minute to pack will come back to bite you, especially if you have a big place with lots of stuff. You’ll wind up throwing things away by mistake, taking stuff you don’t want, persuading beleaguered friends who came to help you move to pack for you . . . It will be a nightmare!

Solution : Give yourself time to prepare for the move

Common moving mistakes

Start planning your move early and leave yourself a separate day or evening to pack each room of your house. Other good ideas include decluttering before packing, selling unwanted stuff rather than bringing it with you, making an inventory, and planning how items get put into the truck, so you can unload it in a way that makes sense for your new place.

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Mistake 2: Doing everything yourself

Yes, it’s nice to save money, but some moves are truly hellish. Moving large appliances up narrow, winding stairways on blisteringly hot or numbingly cold days, for example, isn’t worth the trouble. Friendships have been broken, relationships have ended, and lots of stuff has been broken during DIY moves. Sometimes, the money you save costs too much.

Solution: Hire professional movers

Common moving mistakes

Your back, friends, significant other, and unbroken valuables will thank you. Hire professional movers and save what’s important. Movers are also a good idea if you’re moving cross-country (just fly out to meet the truck at your new place), have lots of heavy things, are pressed for time, or have lots of delicate stuff. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough to have a relocation stipend from work, there’s no excuse to be cheap.

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Mistake 3: Forgetting to label your boxes

You’re at your new house and want to celebrate with a bottle of champagne you’ve saved for the occasion. But wait, you don’t know where the boxes containing your wine collection are. Alternatively, you’re exhausted after the move and want to put your bed together so you can sleep and deal with things tomorrow.

Solution: Use a marking system

Common moving mistakes

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The easiest solution for marking moving boxes is to use waterproof markers to indicate where each one should go. Make sure you mark all sides of each box in case it’s facing a wall or underneath other boxes, obscuring the labelling. You can also get fancy by using different colours of packing tape to indicate the location for each box. Similarly, you could develop a numbering system that indicates what’s inside each box and where it should go. Also, pack an essentials bag with the stuff you know you’ll need right after the move.

Moving may not be so easy, but moving the right way would to some extent relieve you of all it’s stress. Common mistakes could be avoided if common actions are taken on time.