Video: Cardi B Confronts Police Officers After Offset Was Dragged From His Car

American rapper Cardi B has confronted the police officers of Beverly Hills in the US

for dragging her husband Offset out of his car.

“That’s my husband!

Why are you pointing a gun at him?”

the rapper was yelling while a friend was restraining her,  

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From the video,

Offset could be heard questioning the police officers his offense for the arrest.


As Offset was arrested and dragged from his car,

Cardi B got angry and moved towards the Beverly police officers

to question them about the husband’s offense.

The rapper yelled while restrained by a friend,

 “That’s my husband!

Why are you pointing a gun at him?”

Watch video below:

According to a media report,

a report was made to the police

about Offset and his friend waving guns in the air whilst driving.

She reportedly rolled up at the scene in a black Rolls Royc as Offset argued with the cops,

who dragged him out of his vehicle when he refused to turn off the engine.


Offset’s fans watched the traffic stop on his Instagram Live.

someone “beat my car up with a flag.”Offset explained to the cops

cardi-b confronts the officers demanding what her husband did wrong!

The police arrested Cardi B’s 20-year-old cousin,

 Marcelo Almanazar,

Who was a passenger in the vehicle and charged him with carrying a concealed weapon

And also for carrying a loaded firearm in public.

His bail is set at $35,000 while Offset is freed without charge.

And also found not guilty

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