Biden tolls ahead of Trump.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has tolled ahead of Donald Trump in Georgia, a key state in the US presidential race, voting data shows.

Mr Trump must win Georgia to leave him with a path to win.

According to the most recent data, Mr. Biden is leading in the state by 917, with most votes now counted.

With its 16 electoral votes, winning the state would put Mr Biden just one shy of the crucial 270 threshold needed to win the presidency.

If Mr Trump does not win Georgia, the most electoral college votes he could possibly get is 269, which would leave the candidates in an unprecedented draw.

No news organisation has yet projected the state as a Biden win. Authorities in the state have said they hope to have a result on Friday.

The result of Tuesday’s election hangs in the balance, with counting still under way in several states.

Joe Biden now has 253 electoral college votes, while Republican Mr Trump has 214. To win the White House, a candidate needs 270.

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In addition to Georgia, counts are continuing in four states with razor-thin margins – Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina.

A win in just Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral college votes, or two of the other four remaining states would be enough to confirm Mr Biden as president-elect, barring any legal challenge.

Mr Trump, meanwhile, needs to win Pennsylvania and three of the remaining four states:

Mr Trump, meanwhile, needs to win Pennsylvania and three of the remaining four states

As he tolls,we hope to see him win!

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