Bbnaija: Neo and I came close to making love.

Vee and laycon were spotted talking at the kitchen while washing plates .

Vee made an admission to Laycon on Thursday evening that if she had not controlled herself a little, she would have fornicated in the house with her love-interest, Neo

Neo and I came close to making love ,” Vee admitted while talking with laycon.

Vee disclosed further that they have had to control their feelings to the extent that, had it not been so they may have slept together already.

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vee laycon
vee talking to laycon

“You need discipline not to have se.x, it’s so hard not to have se.x in this house. I and Neo came close to having se.x, he stops mostly before we begin and I’m thankful for that.” vee said to laycon.

As stated by her,

one has to be able to control themselves well to fight the feelings that come with love-making.

Vee Ends Her Relationship With Neo

Vee has dumped her housemate boyfriend, Neo.

She got almost everyone surprised when she said she’s not in a relationship with Neo after Nengi asked about their relationship.

According to her,

Neo never asked her to be his girlfriend therefore to the best of her knowledge she’s not in any relationship with him.

when Vee said she’s no longer interested because she has waited far too long.Neo who claimed he was waiting for the right time to ask her also got shocked

when she knew they aren’t? I wonder why she did all those romantic things with Neo  and in the end making others think they are dating

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