Housemates were required to complete 3 steps challenge in today’s Betway arena game.

The game started with Kiddwaya leading the rest housemates but he could not make it past step 3 which required him to find an apple in a basket full of fruits before he was buzzed out by the buzzer after his 3 minutes ran out.

The housemates were asked to pick three (3) fruits from a basket and place it on a table then proceed to the board and make a diagram of the three fruits.

They were also required to arrange six oranges in a triangular pattern then find an apple place in a basket of mixture of different fruits.

The housemates were given 3 minutes to complete the task and asked not to run but walk.

 Housemate who completes the steps with the least time will be declared winner of the game.

Trikytee Completed the task in 1min 24 sec beating Prince who Completed his task in 1min 47 sec.

As the rule implies ,housemates with the least time was Trickytee.

Trickytee completed his task within 1min and 24seconds and was declared the winner of the game.