Nengi becomes head of house after winning the HOH games.

Nengi led the pack and won the ticket, she was called to play first and she finished on block 23 which was the highest of the night. Tricky Tee, on the other hand, is not allowed to participate as the incumbent.

The housemates played their usual board game and Nengi ended up having the highest number, 23, after throwing the dice.

Nengi = 23

Neo = 18

Vee = 16

Ozo = 1

Dorathy = 8

Laycon = 4

The pretty lady won the Head of House game and was automatically saved from being evicted .

Nengi seemed to have brought her a-game as she emerged as the winner.

This means that the pretty young lady is the final Head of House on the show who would be in charge of the house this week .

Nengi’s position also enables her spot as one of the top five housemates.