Ozo was given a second strike on Friday for breaking one of the rules in the Lockdown house.

Big Brother, however, gave Ozo a final warning with the strike, stressing that another violation would lead to disqualification.

One of the rules of the game stated that there should not be any kind of secret communication.

Ozo is being awarded a strike after he was found blameworthy by writing a secret love letter to nengi, a fellow housemate.

Nengi was feeling guilty about the whole situation.

She told Ozo to leave her and focus on the game if she’s a distraction.

Nengi, advice her fellow housemate Ozo by saying;

Let’s leave all this whole love thing and focus on why we are here because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“We can’t come here and misuse the opportunity

we have here and I have told you we have to start mingling with other housemates.

“I am feeling guilty about all of this because I feel like I am the one making you do these stuffs.

“Don’t let anything or anyone make you forget why you are here,” she said.