Laycon and Ozo has won the flutter wave challenge.


The challenge, which was sponsored by Flutterwave, was divided into 2 which were;

1. Finding a picture in the house and using the said picture to play charade using Flutterwave as a keyword in their answer and “Ball Pit Hunt”

2.finding boxes that contain questions in a pool of ballon which they have to answer after the search.

The housemates were shared into 3 groups namely:

Neo, Vee and Nengi=Team invoice

 Team payment link= Laycon and Ozo

 Dorathy and Triky Tee =Team store.

After the 2 challenges,

Team Payment Links had a total of 119 points

While Team Invoice had 89 points

And Team Store got 82 points.

As the runner-ups, team Invoice comprising of

Nengi, Neo and Vee won N500,000 as a team

while the winners, team Payment Links comprising of

Laycon and Ozo were rewarded with N1 million.