Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island and an independent British Commonwealth nation. Bridgetown, the capital, is a cruise-ship port with colonial buildings and Nidhe Israel, a synagogue founded in 1654.

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Barbados gained independence decades ago but stayed under Queen Elizabeth II as its legal and practical, but non-political ruler.

Barbados announced plans Tuesday to remove Queen Elizabeth as its head of state by November 2021.

And plans to transit into a republic.

The Caribbean island nation achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1966

Clearly made an announcement that it will now “take the next logical step toward full sovereignty and become a Republic by the time we celebrate our 55th Anniversary of Independence.”

The country will join former Caribbean colonies Trinidad and Tobago, and Dominica and Guyana.

which all achieved independence and became republics in the 1960s and 1970s, but stayed within the Commonwealth.

A voluntary political association of 54 member states, nearly all former territories of the British Empire, is headed by Queen Elizabeth II.