Avoiding relationship problems with the opposite sex.

It is possible to be the boyfriend of someone who is not your girlfriend.

Relationship problems are only reserved for people in relationships. You may not be dating someone but still has relationship problems.

When two people approach each other from their different backgrounds and with their separate set of individual beliefs,

Avoiding relationship problems with the opposite sex.

Avoiding relationship problems with women you are not dating

it is almost impossible for them not to experience some problems at some point in their relationship with each other.

Many people often hope to meet someone with whom they would have this type of seamless connection.

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A lot of people are fine with going through the occasional relationship issues since they are few and far in between and ultimately help to achieve a stronger bond and a more intimate closeness with the love of their lives.

But it happens that people get relationship problems with people they are not dating.

And here’s why the problem arises: one person builds an emotional situation with another in their mind, refusing to communicate it with the other person, but relates with him or her based on the state of affairs that has been created and exists solely in their mind.

for instance: Emma and Blessing are both single, and are very close friends. Because of the intimacy and how long their friendship has been, Emma may develop feelings for Blessing and start acting based on those feelings.

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When he starts relating to her based on those feelings, it may not be long before Emma begins to have relationship problems with him even though she is not dating him.

One of the problems that result from situations like this include jealousy, becoming territorial

with someone who was never yours, to begin with, unexpressed anger and resentment among

other things.

How to avoid relationship problems with someone you are not dating.

To avoid getting into this awkward situation with anyone, this is the steps to follow.

Simply be clear with whatever you are doing at all times.

If you are friends with someone and want to keep it that way, let him or her know your position and keep reminding them tactfully with your actions, and occasionally, remind them verbally.

One big sign that you are getting close to this unpleasant fix is the entitlement with which

someone starts to relate with you.

If there is anyone of the opposite sex in your life who relates to you with an undue or excessive

sense of entitlement, you’re likely going to start having this problem with them.

In general, when some babe or guy around you starts doing too much, it may be time to sit them

down and clarify things so no one is left in doubt as regards their place, position, role and title in

your life.

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