Apple iPhone supplier Goes On Trial

Apple has sent its iphone supplier on trial

for violating labour regulations.

The company has frozen the signing of any new business contracts with Pegatron, one of its key suppliers,

The US company said.

Taiwanese firm Pegatron had asked students to work night shifts

and overtime at one of is plants in mainland China

Apple added that,

the contractor had falsified paperwork and misclassified some of the workers,

in order to disguise the violations.

Pegatron said that it was fixed.

once it had become aware of the issue

Apple says,

it will not award the firm any new business

until corrective measures are being taken

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Pegatron is one of the companies involved in the assembly of iPhones.

Taiwanese firm Pegatron had asked students to work night shifts

 by allowing students to carry out work

that had no connection to their studies.

Apple said that Pegatron had breached its Supplier Code of Conduct


“The individuals at Pegatron,

responsible for the violations went to extraordinary lengths

to evade our oversight mechanisms

In addition,

It also said the executive in charge of the student work program had been fired.

Pegatron confirmed,

that the problem was revealed by Apple’s monitoring programme,

and said it has taken immediate action.

Some student workers at Pegatron Shanghai

However ,it said.

“Some student workers at Pegatron Shanghai

seen working night shifts,

which were not in compliance with local rules and regulations,”

In conclusion,

Those affected were taken off production lines and given

“proper compensation”

These rules also stipulate that student interns are only allowed to conduct work

that is directly related to their studies,

which Pegatron had also not enforced

Workers’ rights campaigners have conditions in the factories

 which Apple uses,

despite its refusal that it has rules to prevent staff being exploited

Undercover reporters required to work 18 days in a row

or work 16-hour shifts for the firm,

among other issues.

which might otherwise have threatened the existing rollout

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