Another fire out-break in lebanon.


Beirut faced misery as a third fire broke out today. 

Black clouds of smoke were pouring from the ultramodern Zaha Hadid-designed shopping center today on the main road that passes by the port in central Beirut.

Hadid Zaha

Hadid, the British-Iraqi architect who died in 2016, was known for her architectural works of sweeping curves in countries around the world.  

She was the first woman to win the prestigious Pritzker Prize for architecture.

Hadid is best known for her designs for the Guangzhou Opera House in China and the aquatics center used in the 2012 London Olympics. 


The source of the fire is still indefinite.

Firefighters doused the bright red flames with water hoses fired from a crane into the smouldering facade of the building. 

The building that caught fire today has been under construction for years.

Its curved lattice has become a prominent feature of the central commercial area that was rebuilt after the 1975-90 civil war.   

During the reconstruction, skyscrapers outlined by famous architects have been renovated.

  The firefighters use a crane to aim water hoses at the charred facade of the building.

Lebanon’s economic crisis had driven many businesses out of the city centre.

And that was before the August 4 blast ruined another swathe of the capital.  

‘What was on fire was the insulation that separates the outside from the inside’ of the building, a civil defence officer said.

‘We were able in the fastest time possible to control’ the blaze, he said.

Last week, two fires at the port caused alarm and anger among residents, who have accused the ruling elite of corruption, neglect and mismanagement.

There was a small fire last tuesday that was extinguished quickly and a larger fire on thursday in a warehouse where is aid is being stored. 

The latest fire outbreak has sent residents into rage still waiting for its politicians to get a grip on the crisis.