Here are 9 signs you have met your soul mate.

Your soul mate is someone your soul yarns for .you feel complete whenever you are together.

A lot of people find themselves in a relationship either intentionally or by accident.

They go around introducing each other to everyone who cares to listen how in love they are.

.Before you will say Jack Robinson everything is over. The next day they are in a new relationship.

Hence the topic of this write up (9 signs to know you are with your soul mate).

This is to ensure you do not waste your precious time chasing shadows in the name of a relationship.

The following are sure signs to look out for in discovering your soul mate.


Compatibility : This is when you and your partner work well together.

you have a level of understanding of each other that enable you co exist without much trouble.

Hence, you agree on important issues and support each others aspirations.

Cannot stay away from each other.

When someone is always on your mind, you cant seem to get them out of your mind.

you have a fight and you go your seperate ways and you cant stop thinking of them.

you try every thing to forget about them but the more you try the more impossible it is.

Hence you are always eager to mend fences whenever you disagree on issues because

your peace and happiness depend on it.


This is the feeling of peace that makes you comfortable in the company of your partner.

the best place you want to be is in his or her company.

you cant wait to close from work and go home to that person


You had a fight. you are glad it was allover .You cant wait to move on without him.

You ran into each other in a shopping mall, The tension between you is so intense.

he walks away without a word to you but you could see it in his eyes that he misses you.

you try to deny it but eventually you admit that you missed him too.

Eventually your phone rings he calls you and you where like what kept you so long.


The first sign you experience when you meet your soul mate is peace.

You have this feeling that you have known each other all your life.

You have no problem being yourself because you know you will not be judged.

Hence you can tell each other anything and everything knowing your secret is safe.



You feel a deep connection when you look each other in the eyes.

The feeling is both overwhelming and mesmerizing

Hence this combined feelings gives you the assurance that she is the one.


Friendship gives you the opportunity to study each others flaws and good points.

Hence if your level of tolerance for each other flaws is impressive, This is a sign

You have peace when you are with her and the feeling is mutual.



The bond you share is so strong that its difficult to pull apart from each other.

Hence you are like two peas in a pod.

Its easy for people around to tell that you are attracted to each other.

What you feel for each other is simply supernatural.

Sometimes you do not need to say a word to each other, just a look or touch carries all the message you need.


You simply cant get him off your mind and head no matter how hard you try.

you are always thinking about him. Even when you disagree on issues.

Hence you find yourself looking for all the reasons to always be with him.



There is someone that you meet that is always there for you.

He offers you a shoulder to cry on, He is like a big brother.

He lends you an helping hand when the need arises.

He brings out the best in you and makes you a better version of yourself.

Hence you are more than sure that he gat your back no matter what.


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