Love making plays a major role in every relationship. The better the it is, the more fulfilling the relationship. It’s importance in any relationship can not be over emphasized.

Some people are too spiritual, shy or downright pessimistic about issues of love making. It is meant to be enjoyed and not to be endured.

Some tips from us, if you want to leave a lasting impression and become impossible to forget!


Our below stated tips are not the only recipe to lasting love making amongst partners, but working on them would go a very long way in that regards, we summarize them here for a quick read, have fun and share this post to help relationships out there too.

Love what you doA very important first step, would be loving, love making.
ConfidenceBe okay with your skin, what you want and experiments you’ll love to try.
Don’t be in a hurryLove making shouldn’t be rushed, take your time to explore yourselves.
ListenAlways pay attention, you might just know what your partner wants.
CommunicationAlways feel free to voice out your likes and dislikes beforehand.
Non JudgmentalEncourage your partner rather than judge their inabilities.
ForeplayThis can’t be stated enough, don’t just rush in.
SelflessnessYou must ensure that you carry your partner along.

You have confidence in yourself, and your capabilities. You are very confident in your own skin. You are far from being shy, because you understand what it means to have a fulfilling romance life. Hence you are not afraid to communicate your desires to your partner. You are in charge because you know exactly what you want and you are not shy to get it. Therefore, you are able to lead your partner to a more fulfilling sexual experience.


You always welcome the opportunity to have make love especially with your partner. You are always willing to learn new skills and experiment on it with your partner. Therefore pleasing your partner is your ultimate goal.

love making

You like to wow your partner with your expertise in bed. Hence you take it easy with your partner by not rushing things. You go the whole yard with your partner, that your partner could no longer wait for the real deal. You have succeeded in giving your partner a very fulfilling and memorable sexual experience.


You give your partner the opportunity to express themselves. You are not selfish, You want your partner to enjoy the sexual experience as much as you do. Hence you listen to ensure that your partner is satisfied at the end of the experience.

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Communication is key to a satisfactory sexual experience. Hence you encourage self expression in the act of love making. This will ensure that your partner is not left behind in the whole process.


No one knows it all, this is why being judgmental during love making is a no no. Instead of being judgmental, you encourage your partner on how best to make you happy. You can achieve this by allowing your partner to express themselves.


Foreplays like cuddling, kissing et all are very essential in the act of love making. It should always precedes love making. For a good and fulfilling sexual experience, you must be skilled in the art of foreplay. Learning to improve your foreplay skills can greatly influence your love making skills positively. Little wonder, the saying you can not claim to be a great love maker if you are a boring kisser.


If you are selfish, it will also reflect in your romance life. This is true because love making is supposed to be a mutual enjoyment. To have your partner craving for more you must ensure that you carry them along during love making.

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