8 Rules To Help You Grow Strong Mentally!

However, a lot of getting yourself to your goals and surpassing them is about being mentally strong for when those hard moments hits

Being mentally stronger doesn’t mean it has to be a tough grind, here are a few rules which can help you

1.Do an Activity Daily Which Gives You Joy

The positive talk you use and the joy you find in your hobby will help make you mentally stronger as you tackle the harder aspects of your chosen goal.

2.Cut Your Social Media Time in Half

Half your social media time and spend the time reconnecting with people you love, reading a book, or practicing the hobby you enjoy. Whatever you decided to fill the time with, make sure it’s something which lifts you up.

3.Visualize Your Goals for some minutes Daily

Take the time to visualize the end result of your goals and also the challenges you’ll overcome in between.

Practice visualizing how you’re going to solve potential problems. See yourself where you want to be, and feel how great it feels to accomplish your goals.

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4.You Can’t Please Everyone

Embrace the fact that you can’t please everyone. Let go of the need to let others’ happiness and goals overrule what’s best for you, your health, and your happiness.

5.Avoid Activities Which Drains You of Energy

Letting go of toxic relationships or places isn’t easy but, you have to make a commitment to being stronger. Without the mental and emotional drain, you’ll find more energy and more happiness throughout your day.

6.Put up Three Inspirational Quotes to Read Daily.

Take the time to post a few inspiring quotes or pictures (maybe even a vision board) somewhere you’ll see it every day. Words of encouragement and motivation can go a long when you’re in a bad place.

7.Practice More Gratitude

A family praying

Instead of just endlessly complaining about a situation, try and find something to be grateful about.

Because complaining can take quite a toll on your mental health

8.Say “No” without Explaining!

Learn to say no. You don’t have to explain your actions or validate your decisions to anyone about why you don’t want to do something.

 we’ve decided somewhere along the lines that we have to have a reason for saying no, and not wanting to do something isn’t a good enough reason.

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