These are 6 ways people commit suicide in ignorance.

Suicide is said to have occurred when one is said to have taken his/her own life.

The conventional way of committing suicide is by delibratetly taking ones own life.

Most people are not aware that some of their daily habits is suicidal in nature.



Smoking has always been a very silent killer.

Smokers will always tell you smoking helps them to clear their heads and warm them up during cold weather.

They fail to realize that beyond keeping them warm and clearing their head it is killing them.

The smoke from the cigarettes and pipes they smoke is detrimental to a healthy heart and blood.

The blood carries the smoke throughout the body to poison the bloodstream.

This in turn causes all manner of deadly diseases which ultimately kills the person.


The process and the ingredients that are used in the preparation of fast foods are not good for the body.

Therefore eating fast food regularly is very harmful to the human body.

Ingredients used in the preparation of fast foods includes the following:

Butter, Margarine, Sugar, Alcohol, White flour, Additives and Preservatives.

The excessive ingestion of fast food will result in accumulation of fat and sugar in the body.

This is the reason for health issues like, Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, High blood pressure etc.

The excessive eating of fast food results in untimely death.


Alcohol is one of the major causes of death world wide.

When you take Alcohol regularly and excessively it becomes harmful to your health.

Drunk driving is as a result of excess Alcohol in the blood stream while driving.

This is the number one cause of accident on the road, which may result in untimely death.

Alcohol also contains sugar, of which, when taken regularly may result in the following;.

Diabetes, Various degrees of cancer, High blood pressure which can ultimately result in death.

[4] DRUGS.

Drugs, when taken without the prescription of a Medical Doctor or a Pharmacist can kill you.

We all have varied body mass, What Mister A takes in the body and its ok, might not be ok for mister B.

The ingestion of un prescribed drugs is the result of major deaths across the globe.


We live in a world where wickedness is the order of the day.

People are killed for the flimsiest of reasons. You can hardly trust anyone.

Most people are kidnapped, even after paying the ransom demanded, are still killed.

We all need divine intervention to see us through each day as we hustle to make ends meet.

Therefore, Starting your day without praying to God for divine intervention is suicidal.

[6] CRIME:

The rate at which crime is committed in the society these days is very alarming.

Various crimes attracts various penalties according to the law governing a particular state.

Crimes like Murder, Kidnapping, Drug trafficking, Rape and even Adultery attracts death sentences depending on law of the State.

Hence to avoid untimely death it is Suicidal to commit crime.

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