6 Easy Strategies To Make More Money!

Of course we all want more money. We know that money isn’t everything, but for better or worse, it sure is important. So why do we let others determine?

Below are easy tips that will enable you make more money. 

Have a Plan B 

Have a Plan B 

– If you are 100% dependent on a job, with no other options, you may accept less than you deserve because you are scared to lose it. Keep informed on industry trends, opportunities with other companies and business opportunities. Get additional training and education, even if not needed in your current role. 

Switch jobs

One of the most effective ways to increase your salary is by getting a new job.

Switching to a new job allows you to start new and renegotiate a higher base

Make yourself indispensable 

I do not necessarily mean taking on extra work. I mean make yourself indispensable through your character and hard work. Be honest, helpful, adaptable, and positive. You will become indispensable simply because your colleagues and management will want to work with you.

Continue your education 

Continue your education 

Always look for ways to improve your set of skills or learn new ones. This can be an evening or online graduate course, industry webinars, a new certification or additional training.

Build relationships, in and out of your department 

This is good practice in general. If you want to move up and/or make more money, you need cheerleaders. When asking for reports from accounting or materials from marketing – walk over and ask them (if possible). It’s easier to build a relationship by putting a face to the name. Treat everyone in your company (and in your life!) with respect: from the CEO to your assistant. 

Put yourself out there

 Opportunities are not going to walk into your office. You have to be out there to find them. 

There are opportunities everywhere, but you have to be present and available for them.

Thereby, meeting new set of people with your same mindset of business

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Push yourself before you’re ready

Push yourself

. “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” Thats one of business strategies

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