5 things kids do to get attention…

When it comes to giving a child the right amount of attention they need – being a parent isn’t that easy. Give them too much and they might turn out spoiled and entitled, give them too little and they misbehave and are sad. Finding the right balance for every child is quite a difficult task.

To help with that task, we have assembled a list of 10 signs that can be helpful.

However, always keep in mind that there can be plenty of other reasons why a child shows any of these signs, and they might have nothing to do with a lack of attention.

They Interrupt Conversations

Some kids just interrupt because they can’t control themselves, but some interrupt on purpose. If they do, generally the reason for such behaviour is a lack of attention given by a parent. They honestly just really want you to see them and talk to them more. So while you should definitely teach your child that interrupting someone else is rude and they shouldn’t do it unless necessary, you should also ask yourself if there might be a reason why they do it so often, and whether they do it to anyone or just the conversations you are having with others.

They Are Very Clingy

Kids can be clingy for plenty of reasons. Often kids can get clingy because they get too much attention and they are just so used to it. But sometimes they can get clingy because they lack attention and are so desperately trying to get more of it. Either way, having your child grow up clingy is not good for either of you, which is exactly why parents should address this issue as soon as possible, figure out the cause for the clinginess and find ways to make it better. Every child is unique, and it should be approached in a unique way.

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They Cry Often

A kid who cries very rarely cries for no reason. And sure, there can be plenty of reasons why they cry, but if you can’t put a finger on any, it could easily be that they are crying because they want more of your attention. This is probably the easiest way for them to get it because they know you’ll come running once they start crying. Try to test this theory by giving them more attention and seeing if they still end up crying as much. Chance is, they might cry way less because there won’t be any need for tears.

They Often Play The Victim

Kids who pull out the victim card all the time also tend to just be attention seekers. This is one of the more common ways children express their need for more attention because it generally works flawlessly. They know that their parents do love them, and if they present themselves as the victim of a certain situation they will get more attention. So while you should always trust your child, be aware that sometimes they can lie to get more from you. The best way to stop them from doing this is to give them what they need – your time.

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They Don’t Want To Sleep Alone

Some kids like to sleep in a room together with their parents, sometimes even in their bed, because they are clingy and want more attention. There’s nothing wrong with a child wanting to be physically close to their parents, but eventually, this kind of behavior shouldn’t be encouraged, as it will cause the child to have trouble sleeping by themselves in the future. So if your child is often running into your room at night demanding to sleep with you, ask yourself if this may be because they don’t get to spend enough quality time with you during the day.