Numerous clans are still profoundly dug in customary practices that recount accounts of devils, spirits and the mysterious.

Nigeria is a nation of fantasies and legends passed down from ages.

Here are some fascinating fantasies and legends that a few Nigerians hold dear.

Whistling in the evening welcomes evil spirits

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As per Nigerian folktale, whistling around evening time isn’t right and could have critical outcomes. Legend has it that whistling is a greeting for the spirits. Various clans have records of individuals who have whistled and have thus been met by abhorrent spirits, snakes, mysterious individuals or even ended up in abnormal spots.

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Beating a kid with a brush or turning stick

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A few Nigerians accept in the event that you beat a kid with a brush or turning stick (Omorogun) it would contract the size of his penis. As a cure, if a kid has been beaten with a brush, he would need to beat similar individual multiple times with a brush.

Somebody strolling over your legs

On the off chance that somebody strolls over your legs it is trusted you will wind up having children who look much the same as that individual. How this happens no one gets it. Pregnant ladies rush to remove their legs from the way when somebody attempts to pass.


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Perhaps the most mainstream Nigerian legend is the one told about the Yorubas, where the dead are relied upon to re-visitation of their family as an infant. Who a youngster is can be controlled by its similarity to the dead.

For instance, a kid that takes after his fatherly granddad will be named Babatunde (‘father returns’). Generally unusual, nonetheless, is their conviction that if an individual kicks the bucket youthful, their phantom can go to another town and live there as though they were not dead, in any event, getting hitched and having kids over yonder.

Sun and downpour

This legend is another well-known one. Individuals, particularly trackers, accept that in the event that it downpours while the sun is out, a lion is conceiving an offspring.

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