Makeup trends for 2021…

As winter comes to an end, so does our taste for beauty. It’s a rite of passage to drink a pumpkin spice latte and then immediately want to paint your face with the same warm palette.

We say goodbye to our sundresses and opt for cosy sweaters instead, and to fully adapt to our surroundings, we go all in. I’m talking the hair, face, nails—nothing is off-limits when it comes to new year makeup.

But when we’re making such a significant change, we want to make sure we’re doing it right. I’ll just say it: we want to be on-trend.

So, keep this makeup trends we’ve carefully selected for you at the back of your mind:

Two-Tone Eyeshadow

So, everyone has those colours in their favourite eyeshadow palettes that have never seen the light of day. Instead of keeping them on the bench, bump them up to the first string and blend two similar shades. However, the results will be ‘gram-worthy.

Bright Eyeliner

Hello, don’t step away from the black eyeliner! I repeat, don’t step away from the black eyeliner. The faithful makeup staple can do no wrong, but what about the other colors of the rainbow? Meanwhile, a bright shade, like this yellow, instantly pops and draws attention to your eyes.

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Makeup with Fluffy Structured Brows

Clear brow gel has long been the underdog of the eyebrow universe, until recently. A-listers with great eyebrows know how to play up their best asset with one of beauty’s easiest secret hacks. Moreover, it only takes seconds to do and the look will have you receiving compliments all day.

Dark Lipstick

Would it befall makeup without a burgundy lip? Absolutely not! So, you can wear it in the daytime for your Zoom calls or pair it with a date-night look in the PM. It’s that versatile. Bonus points if you top it with a shiny gloss.

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Makeup: All-Over Highlight

Is gorgeous skin ever not on-trend? However, give it extra oomph by blending the glow-inducer into the high points of your face like your cheekbones, brow bones, and Cupid’s bow.