2Face Idibia- criminals have captured Nigeria.

The Nigeran music star 2Face Idibia thinks that the Nigeria system is in disorder and it has been captured by criminals who appear to be leaders.

2Face Idibia made this statement via his Twitter page on Thursday, November 21, 2019.

These criminals have dedicated their time to destroy the country instead of building it, he said.

In his tweet, “Naija system is a total joke. Criminals have hijacked Naija. Men and women that have dedicated their time 2 make sure that Naija will carry last…No shame No dignity and No honor. I pray the young men that have entered the system will do their best to influence positive change,”.

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However, this is not the first time 2Face Idibia has protested against the Nigeria government and its leaders. It can be recalled that he once spoke ill about the Nigerian government after he visited the then newly completed Ghana airport.

When 2Face visited Ghana airport, he couldn’t hide his feelings while walking by the beautiful and magnificent airport facility.

He tweeted, “You dey see level abi, shame nor dey catch some people for that side, shame, and this video went viral”.

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Nigerian music star 2face Idibia had released a video in 2017 on why he was organizing a protest against the Buhari led administration. Following criticism from fans and some celebrities he took to his Facebook page on January 31, 2017, and posted.

“I will no longer be quiet. My partners, colleagues and I have come together to create a platform

for Nigerians to communicate their real pains to government at all levels in a peaceful and articulate manner with a

view to getting lasting solutions to our problems. This march is about demanding that our leaders connect with all the people in Nigeria.

Burna BoyRuggedman and Davido had also demonstrated support for the music star in his protest against the Nigerian government.

However, the music star later canceled the protest.

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