These are 20 reasons why you should pray., therefore, present to you 20 reasons why you should pray.


 Prayer is an important instrument in overcoming sin and temptation.

Falling into temptation is one of the reasons that makes humans sin against God but through consistent prayer, they can overcome it.


We pray because prayer is crucial in determining God’s will for our lives.

Also, prayer creates platforms for us to truly determine the purpose of God in our life.

Prayer is necessary because it’s how we rebuke the devil.

The devil is relentless in his pursuit of you, so you must be relentless in resisting him in prayer so as to overcome his antics.

Prayers will help us to resist the devil and he will flee away from you.

Prayer is necessary because it’s how we cast out demons in our lives.

Be careful about what you allow in your life. Pay attention to the doors you open.

What seems like fun could just be how the enemy slips in and creates a stronghold.

But notwithstanding, you can take charge through prayers.

Draws Closer to God

The main reason we pray is to have a relationship with God.

Communication draws you closer to God and God, in turn, intervenes in your situation.

Prayer Changes a Situation

Prayer is powerful and can change any situation. Remember that God is the God of the impossible.

Changing situations can be possible only to people that can pray.

Prayer Reduces Selfish Attitudes

Many of us are very selfish, thinking only of our own needs and desires while forgetting about the needs of others. Prayer makes you pause and sit still, and with regular prayer, you soon have the need of others met by praying for them.

Prayer Gives Hope

Prayer is a powerful tool for anyone that expects a miracle.

Prayer can comfort you and give you hope for a better tomorrow.

When you communicate with God (Prayer), you are asking God for something and those that wait on God never see shame.

Isaiah 40:31 -“but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”

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Prayer is a Path of Forgiveness

Trying to forgive sometimes can be very hard.

But when we pray, we come to the point of forgiveness.

Forgiving other people is a powerful force and through prayer, it is released.

Prayer attracts God

When we pray and call on God, he hears us and he is always there to answer us and come to our aid.

Prayer Protects Us

If you pray for divine protection over yourself, your family, and others, the angels of protective forces surround and protect you from harm. This is one powerful reason to pray.

Prayer increases spiritual strength

Similar to food for the body, prayer helps to strengthen the spiritual life of anyone that prays.

It nourishes the spiritual life of any human and those that believe in God.

Prayer gives us peace

Through prayer, we can have peace of mind because we communicate with God concerning our bad situation and having hope in God mean everything gonna works out well.

Prayer heals

Praying in faith brings about both emotional and physical healing.

Prayers for the Family ought to be prayed daily because there is power in such a prayer.

To ask for guidance.

When we pray, we automatically activate God to send his angel to encamp around us and protect us even in the darkest hour.

Prayer enhances your happiness level.

The ability for you to know the thought of God for you and what he thinks about you is a great stress reliever and also a good source of joy and happiness.

Prayers help gain power

When you pray, you tend to gain both spiritual and physical sources of power to overcome all sorts of trials and temptations that may come your way.

Prayer help gain confidence

Prayer helps us gain confidence because we pray to the almighty God.

When we pray to God we confide in what he says in his Word.

Prayer Changes Our Attitude

As we pray in faith, we find God changing our attitudes about ourselves, about our situation and about others.

Prayer Can Help Us Understand Ourselves Better

Prayer gives us an opportunity to better understand who we are in Christ. He shows us our purpose and gives us direction when we need to grow.

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