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Kenya is a country of many talents. From great footballers,to actors to innovators,the country is indeed a hotbed of smart people who have not only put their names and the country on the map but also made lots and lots of money while at it. Well,with that said,two Kenyan men have become an instant online sensation thanks to their incredible innovation.   The men,rather ‘engineers’ identified as Mawi and Peterson are the brains behind a three wheeled automobile which they made from an old dilapidated motorbike.

According to Mawi,the guy who designed and assembled the automobile,the idea and actualization came into play following high cases of motorcycle accidents in Kenya. In a bid to do away with countless injuries due to the accidents,the smart guys decided to build a low-budget automobile that somewhat resembles a motorcycle but way safer and cheaper. Mawi and Peterson who initiated the idea with the aim of curbing,rather minimizing motorcycle accidents are now planning to build more similar automobiles so that they can sell to Kenyans at affordable rates. The two friends revealed how they gave an old motorcycle life by turning it into a small,safe and affordable automobile