” Charlie’s Angels” is a 2003 action film filled with excitement and suspense . The hit movie was released 17years ago starring the likes of Lucy Liu , Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

This three women acted as spies who exposed corrupt men and helped to regain justice for the falsely accused. They worked for a man called ‘Charlie’ and they were trained under an agency called ‘Townsend’ .this ladies were called and known as ”Charlie’s Angels” ..

On Tuesday, Drew Barrymore who co-acted the action film disclosed that she will be reuniting with her Charlie’s Angels co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, after 17 years.

she revealed this during her talk show

The Charlie’s Angels star announced the thrilling news during the promotion of her show”  The Drew Barrymore show”.

Heart-breaking they might be featuring in another action film together.

They will be side by side for the premiere episode of her daytime show.

Drew is super excited about the show.

The Drew Barrymore Show will debut on 14 September on CBS .

charlie angels 3

The talented actress has been preparing for her big day by promoting the show in some rib-tickling ways.