There are 10 ways to make a woman stick by you forever, these ways are tested and proven and trust me, your relationship will never remain the same when you apply these principles.

Be her hero

Sometimes girls feel like they do not need help from guys. However, they will always need a guy around to assist when the need arises.

Thus, always be willing to be there for her even when it seems your girl is independent.

listen to her.

You should always be able to recall what she told you earlier and also absorb every word she says.

Pay attention, do away with your phones and other distractions when you are with her.

Make sure you give a keen interest and also avoid always interrupting or making jokes when she is serious.
This will go a long way to tell her that you really care.

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Make sacrifices.

Making sacrifices will prove to her that you love and care about her.

Also, sacrifices either big or small will make her happy and certainly fall in love with you the more.

Sacrifices will go a long way to keep a relationship aglow.

Women who deserve loyalty from their men

Have a good sense of humour.

A man that can make a woman laugh has a very good chance of keeping the woman for a long time.

Women just love being around men that make them laugh.

Making her laugh will always make her to always want to be around you. Such a woman will never let you go.

A romantic side

Romance is not based on gifts and surprises alone, it is also a time to show true love. Give her attention and your time, see the movies together, give her a hug and kiss her. Also, take her places she has always been fantasizing about, hold her hand and let her realize that she is an important part of your life.

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Honesty is the pillar of trust, women tend to feel closer to men who are more sincere and open when communicating their feelings.

It is very necessary for you to be sincere and honest in your dealings with your woman so she can confide in you.


It is important to be yourself when dealing with your woman.

Once she accepts you the way you are there is no going back.

Surprise her

You could call her up and just take her out for lunch. Send her roses and write her love letters. Her birthday and your wedding anniversary should not be the only times you buy her gifts.

Call her often

Calling her when she is away is great proof that she means a lot to you.

Ladies love it when you let her know that she is valuable.

Send her morning and good night text when she is away for a business trip

Trust me, that is going to make her happy all day.

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