10 ways to become a kinder person.

Are you a rude person? and you are wondering how you could be a kinder person, but you don’t know where to start, don’t worry this article will help you overcome rudeness and promote kindness.

Below are the 10 ways to become a kinder person.

1. You get what you give.

Yes, some people will be miserable and ungrateful no matter what you do for them. But most people will over time treat you as you treat them.  So if you want a change in your life you have to take responsibility for it and make those first moves of kindness towards people.

2. Minimize judgments.

No one likes to be judged. And the more you judge people the more people judge you. So it’s a lose-lose situation.

3. Make positive observations about people.

Replace the habit of spotting the things that annoy you about people with one where you make small or big positive observations about them. It could be their great sense of style when it comes to shoes, how they always make you laugh when you need it or simply that they are always on time. Be sure to tell them that and in turn, you get positive feedback from them also.

4. Have a plan for positive action.

Always have a positive plan to put in action in any situation you find yourself. Don’t give in to negativity.

5. Do something nice for someone, even if you think they don’t deserve it.

The ultimate empathetic move is to be nice even when someone isn’t being nice to you. Compliment them. Give your attention to them. Send them a card noting something you truly like about them. Everyone is in pain of one sort or another, and if you can see through the hard wall to the pains underneath and respond to the person nicely, you will unlock the key to being kind.

6. Walk away from negative thoughts and negative people.

You can watch your own negative thoughts and turn your attention elsewhere, but what if you are surrounded by negative people who are bent on provoking you or making you feel like being rude to them,  Consider that it is sometimes best to physically remove yourself from the situation. Sometimes separation is the key to becoming more objective and calmer in the face of upset.

7. Turn your frown upside down. 

Smiling is said to be contagious. Imagine if everyone smiled on their way to work,  then the cities would instantly become happier places to be.

Genuine smiling and laughter not only make us breath better, but they lower blood pressure, heart rate, and also makes you look prettier and kinder.

8. Take it easy with the criticism.

Too much of criticism won’t help anyone, it just makes people feel and perform worse. Try encouraging them instead. It makes work and the people involved easier to deal with and more fun.

9. Try to understand the other side.

It’s easy to stick to your point of view. But you can gain powerful insights about the other person and yourself too by trying to understand their point of view. This also tends to decrease harshness and negativity and can make it easier to reach an understanding where both parties feel more satisfied with the solution.

10. Be kind to yourself.

A lot of people don’t do enough to work on their attitude. And it seeps over into your world and makes you treat others the same way, but you can turn the table around by being kind to people and make others catch the bug of kindness from you. This, in turn, will make the world a better place for all.

If you practice these 10 steps, you will observe that you will become a kinder and a better person.

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