presents to you: 10 reasons why you weren’t picked after an interview

Are you wondering why you haven’t been contacted for a job interview? Waiting for an email or a call from an employer to schedule an interview and wondering why you haven’t been selected can be the most vexing part of the job search process.

Here are some good reasons why you may not have been contacted for an interview.

10 reasons

When Your Qualifications Don’t Measure Up

There can be a myriad of reasons why you haven’t been contacted. Sometimes, there are limitations to your qualifications or flaws in how you have presented your candidacy. In other cases, your qualifications might have been enough, but they were outweighed by strong competition or an internal candidate. If this is the case for you, you can lower your sights to a more entry-level position and try to re-apply after you’ve gathered more experience.

When Your Qualifications Have Nothing to Do With It

On the other hand, it might have nothing to do with you or the other applicants. An unforeseen change in circumstances impacting the readiness for an employer to hire could be the reason that no candidates are being called in for an interview. There isn’t much you can do about this situation, but it can give you peace of mind to know that your qualifications weren’t to blame. You can try calling the hiring manager to get the full story, or look for news stories about the company—a downturn in business may signal that plans to hire more employees were scrapped.

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Didn’t follow directions

You didn’t supply all the information requested or follow the directions for the application. An easy way for employers to narrow the applicant pool is to eliminate the candidates who didn’t provide the requested information. If you couldn’t follow instructions when you applied, the employer may doubt that you would be able to follow instructions if you were hired. Make sure you’ve covered all the basics, especially when you apply online for a job.

Not a match for the job

You were screened out by an automated system or a hiring manager because the language in your resume didn’t match the requirements listed in the job posting. It’s important to take the time to highlight the skills that qualify you for the position on your resume. Companies are too busy to take the time to figure out whether someone is a strong applicant. They are looking for you to show them why you’re qualified.

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There were grammatical and/or spelling errors in your documents. It’s not always easy to catch your own mistakes. Carefully proofread all your job application documents, and, if you can, have someone else look them over for you.

Too expensive

Your salary expectations or perceived salary requirements exceed the available resources. If the company thinks you’ll be too expensive to hire, they may opt not to interview you. Take the time to evaluate what you’re worth and whether the job is a financial fit.

Other applicants are better qualified.

Your credentials are a good match, but there are stronger candidates. In this case, there could have been many well-qualified candidates. Unfortunately, you didn’t make the cut. Take a look at the skills the employer was seeking, and consider if you need to upgrade yours to become a more competitive candidate.

The job may have been put on hold

Uncertainty about funding may have delayed the hiring process. There could be budget or funding issues, and the process could be held up while the company attempts to figure out its financial situation.

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